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29th June 2013
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23rd August 2013

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9th October 2013

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JOSA Nursery School located in Kikonko-Kirinya, along Kirinya-Bukasa Road, Kiira Town council, Wakiso district, has been established to provide the best care and learning environment for children in Kirinya and all surrounding areas.
The school provides Child Day-care services (1-3 years of age) and Nursery education (3-6 years of age).
The school will be receiving children as early as 6:00am and releasing them back to the parents as late as 7:00pm to cater for parents who work far from the school.
Under special arrangement with the administrators of the school, it offers weekend child day-care services for busy parents/guardians, and holiday care for nursery children.


To provide a firm educational foundation and cognitive development of the child from an early age and ensure that the child grows and thrives physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, morally and socially.

VISION: A school with a difference.

MISSION: To ensure that the child is developed holistically, i.e. academically, socially and spiritually, so as to become a useful citizen in the country.

Houses & Slogan :
»Doves:"Strive to be the best"
»Peacock:"Unity is strength"